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Filling-capping monoblock

We recommend our rotary filler-capper machines not only for food industry, but also for chemical, agrochemical and cosmetic industry. The main feature of our filling-closing monoblocks is that the filling and closing of the bottles takes place during the rotary stepping motion of the machine. This type of machine is suitable for filling all kinds of non-carbonated liquids, be they fluent or dense products, even foaming materials. Our monoblocks are manufactured for different types of products, in designs with different filling and closing methods.

Thanks to the machine construction, the equipment is also suitable for the automatic filling and closing of small-capacity containers (a few milliliters).

Thanks to the flow meter and piston filling methods, the machines ensure high filling accuracy.

For filling flammable and explosive materials, the machines are made in an explosion-proof design.


  • Nominal output: up to 1.500 bottles/hour (depending on bottle size and liquid). (Under 50 mm bottle diameter, up to 3000 bottles / hour).
  • Volume: 0,03 l – 2 l.
  • Container: PET or HDPE bottle, glass bottle, metal can.
  • Filling method: flow meter, gravity filling, vacuum filling, piston filling.
  • Capping: plastic screw cap, metal screw cap, crown cork, twist-off cap.

Field of application:

  • Food industry: wines, spirits, syrups, edible oils, honey, mustard, ketchup, food supplements, liquid vitamins, etc.
  • Cosmetic industry: shampoo, liquid soap, lotion, cream, face wash, essential oil, etc.
  • Chemical industry: liquid detergent, hand sanitiser, antifreeze agent, alkali, acid, motor oil, paint, other chemicals, etc.
  • Agricultural industry: liquid manure and fertilizer, pesticide, etc.

Main features:

  • Suitable materials according to the product to be filled (stainless steels, food grade plastics, antistatic plastics, etc.).
  • The construction of the machines ensures the reliable operation.
  • High filling accuracy for machines with flow meter and piston.
  • Equipping the machines with an automatic cap feeder unit for the cap type.
  • Quick and easy format and product changeovers
  • Low maintenance requirements.
  • Touch screen machine control.
  • Optional brand pneumatic and electronic components.


  • Conveyor and rotary collection table for finished products,
  • automatic cap feeder,
  • tooling for different bottle sizes,
  • suitability for cleaning and disinfection by CIP system,
  • explosion proof design,
  • remote access,
  • using a mass flow meter instead of a flow meter (provides the same amount of filling at different temperatures).