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Rinsing machine

We offer automatic and semi-automatic rotary bottle rinsing machines for rinsing PET bottles, glass bottles and metal cans, with a capacity of up to 12,000 bottles / hour.

  • For lower output demand, we recommend the semi-automatic rinsing machines manufactured by Packer Kft., where the bottles are put in and out manually, and the rinsing takes place automatically during continuous rotation.
  • For larger capacity, we offer automatic rinsing machines that can be built into a machine line, where the bottles arrive at the machine on a conveyor and then they are loaded and unloaded into the machine by stars, bottle guides and feedworm. When rinsing is complete, the bottles are either placed on a belt or immediately to the next machine. Rinsing can be done with air, clean water or in 2 phases: with chemical and then clean water.

The parts in contact with the rinsing liquid and the mouth of the bottle are all made of stainless steel or food-grade plastic, thus ensuring a high degree of hygiene.