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H&K 50/10

Reference nr.:
H&K 50/10
8000 l/h
Suitable for:
0,2-1L glass bottles
Second hand
with crown corker, counterpressure filler with preevacuation for beer

The counterpressure (isobaric) fillers are primarly designed for filling carbonated products such as mineral water and soft drinks. The filling process starts as a result of equalizing pressure in the bottle and the product tank. The central bowl has a carbon dioxide pretension that ensures the disinfection of the bottles. The filling level is determined by the length of the return air pipe. Isobaric filling machines allow multiple phases to be completed, such as pressurization of the bottle, single or multi-stage pre-vacuuming, carbon dioxide rinsing, filling and decompression. Used filler closer machine.

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