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Beer filler machine

The beer filling machines are such types of counterpressure filling machines, where the containers (depending on type) are rinsed with carbon dioxide or pre-vaccumed before filling. Pre-vacuuming and carbon dioxide rinsing are very important for those products, where low oxygen uptake is required during filling, thus increasing product shelf life.

Filling method: counterpressure (isobaric) level filling.
Field of application: beer.
Container: PET bottle, glass bottle, metal can.
Capping: plastic screw cap (standard, shorty), crown cork, metal can closure.
Nominal output: 2.000-12.000 bottles/hour (depending on bottle size and liquid).

Main features:

  • All parts in contact with the liquid are made of stainless steel (Wnr. 1.4301) or food grade plastic.
  • The simple construction of the filling heads ensures a high level of hygiene and reliable operation.
  • The capping units are always equipped with an automatic cap feeder as well.
  • Central lubrication system.
  • Touch screen machine control.
  • Optional brand pneumatic, electronic and mechanical components.
  • The machines are available in triblock (rinser-filler-closer), monoblock (filler-closer) or in a standalone version.


  • Suitability for cleaning and disinfection by CIP system,
  • automatic central lubrication system,
  • completing the automatic cap feeder, with a cap disinfection unit and cap washer,
  • analog and digital fluid and carbon dioxide level control,
  • production intensity-dependent line control.